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Amazing Astrological Tool. Looking for something else? Search this site In tissue and fluid of nerve, brain and muscle cells. For depression and sadness. Nerve issues like Shingles very helpful for the pain right away every half hour. I have a personal story to share if it would be helpful. Tension headaches, memory.

With Mag. Helpful for timid, unhappy, fretful children. In blood vessel walls and cell coats. Colds that affect the throat Taurus and are rooted in Digestive System. Ailments from humid, damp conditions. In every body tissue except bone. For mucous congestion, glandular swelling, coughs especially chronic inflammation. Ears, throat, lungs, tonsils.

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Headaches if constipated, white tongue coating or liver is sluggish. With Kali.

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Calcarea Fluorica Calcium Flouride Elasticity. In surface of bones, blood vessels and muscle tissue. For varicose veins, cracked skin, hemorrhoids, muscle and ligament injuries. The containers of the body are nourished like the air sacks and stomach. Helps with emphysema, loose teeth, diseases of the bone surface, muscle elasticity. Symptoms are worse in humid conditions.

Magnesium Phosphate Nerve and Muscle Relaxant.

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In blood, bone and teeth. It is an anti-spasmodic. Helps menstrual and other cramps, hiccups, neuralgia, sciatica, headaches with stabbing pains, flatulence can be a deficiency of magnesium. Magnesium is an important preventive mineral against heart attacks. Works well dissolved taken with a bit of hot water. In cells lining the skin. Works with Ferrum Phosphate to carry oxygen from the blood to the tissue cells. Helps distribute oils in the body thus good for digestive process.

Good when there is a sticky yellow discharge from skin or mucous membrane. For hair, dry scaly skin, dandruff, chicken pox, also intestinal disorders and inflammatory conditions to promote sweating. Natrum Phosphoricum Sodium phosphate Acid Neutraliser. In blood, bone, muscle nerve and brain cells. Deficiency can cause kidney stones and gout. Helps kidney function, emotional equilibrium, fat assimilation, lumbago, fibrositis. Calcarea Sulphuricum Calcium sulphate Blood Purifier and healer. In skin cells, connective tissue, bile and blood from the liver.

Coats the sexual and elimination organs. Cleans out decaying toxic matter.

Here are the 12 Biochemic Tissue Salts and Astrological correlation.

For wounds that heal slowly and detoxification. Septic conditions. Prevention of sore throat and colds if taken at first symptom. For teenage acne and pimples, take with Kali Mur. In connective tissue, lens of the eye, hair, nails, blood, bile, bone and nerve sheathe. Nourishes skin, nails and hair.

For bad smelling perspiration and smelly feet. Detoxes eliminates unnecessary organic matter. Helps to break up abscesses, and helpful any place pus develops. After surgery to minimize scars. For all septic conditions. In bone, teeth, connective tissue and gastric juices. Needed for blood coagulation, tones tissues and week organs. For rickets, constitutional remedy, circulation, anemia in young girls, bone healing and development, convalescence, digestion improvements.

The top of the nerves connected with the Pineal Gland and is the male electric current of the spinal system. The top of the nerve connects with the Pituitary gland and is the female electric current of the spinal system.

Tissue Salts and Astrology | Scorpio Moon Astrology

These are the male and female electric current joined together at the cerebellum. This chemical signifies the personality and individuality on the mental planes of the individual. The quality of this chemical is to draw distant places together. It draws and establishes communication in terms of the subjective mind. The human personalities unite within it. It is the feminine or receptive aspect of the Life Power. Depression and groundless fear of financial ruin Tumors in newborns Cataracts, conjunctivitis, spots before eyes Ringing or roaring in middle ear Nasal catarrh, stuffy head colds, atrophic rhinitis Unnatural looseness of teeth without pain Hiccough Flatulence Itching or fissure of anus Pain in sacrum and internal piles Bleeding hemorrhoids Male: Indurations of the testicles Spasmodic cough, with tickling, specially lying down Varicose or enlarged veins Pain and burning in lower back - better with movement Chronic synovitis of knee joint Scar tissue Chapped hands with cracks on palms Hardened, glands in the female breast LEO CELL SALT: Magnesia Phosphorica Phosphate of Magnesia.

This chemical is the fluid that is the remedy for all spasmodic and impulsive deficiencies. It is the pot that forever filters and scatters the Elixir of life. All the blood in the body passes through the heart. It becomes the Alchemical Vase.

As in the Tarot card, the energy that rising up in the sympathetic system, as the strong lion, becomes tamed in the heart and therefore closes and controls the mouth of that energy. The abdominal cavity and its contents. Emotional and intellectual conciliation is the working order of complete assimilation. It is the psychic realm, perfectly neutral until effected by exterior conditions.

This chemical helps select that material which is useful to the body and separate it from the waste which is to be rejected. Kali Sulph creates the proper activity for the oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen and carbon which depend on its predominant green color. This alkaline tissue-builder is made from bone-ash by neutralizing phosphoric acid with carbonate of sodium. Natrum phos holds the balance between the acids and the normal fluids of the human body.

A certain amount of acid is necessary and is always present in the stomach and liver fluids, but an excess of acid is due to a deficiency in alkaline chemicals. An absence of Sodium Phosphate allows the acids to run riot in the body. Head feels full and throbbing in the morning One ear hot, red, and itchy while having gastric upset Blisters on tip of tongue Rheumatic knees Aching wrists and fingers, sore hamstrings; back feels weak Male: Emission without dreams, desire without erection Female: Sterility; no acid secretion from vagina Itching skin, particularly ankles Feet ice cold in daytime, burn at night Swelling of lymph glands SCORPIO CELL SALT: Calcarea Sulphurica Sulphate of Lime--Plaster of Paris These elements - lime and sulphur, are in no way beneficial to the human body in their crude forms.

It is only when nature steps up their vibration through plant life, that they can be utilized in body chemistry. The aggressive urges here are entirely capable of resurrecting every dead cell in the body and revitalizing all conditions. It is the crucible for relaxing, fluxing and transmuting the great vibratory forces that we need. The sciatic nerve carries the steel-like temper of long-range endurance. It is purity in this form; in others, it is quartz or crystal.

It is made by fusing silica with carbonate of soda; dissolve the residue, filter, and precipitate by hydrochloric acid. The bio-chemic process which occurs when run through plant life makes it accessible to the blood stream. Silica is called the surgeon of the body. It supplies materials for nails, hair and, what we know as periosteum membrane covering and protecting bone. Also the nerve sheath called neurilemma, and a trace is found in the bone tissue. In the last analysis it supplies the polish, or gloss, for the nails and hair.

In its powdered form, under the microscope, it takes the shape of arrowheads. This point is pertinent to "the archer" Sagittarius. Decaying organic matter must be discharged from the body to clear the hips, thighs, and the sciatic nerve. Nervous and excitable, sensitive to all impressions Obstinate, headstrong children Vertigo from looking up or lying on left side Eyes averse to daylight, tender to touch. Worse when cold - sties, cataract.

Sneezing in morning; loss of smell, itching at point of nose Facial neuralgia, worse when cold and damp Abscess at root of teeth; pyorrhea, sensitive to cold water Hemorrhoids, and fissures at rectum; difficult stool descent Male - sore genitals, nocturnal emissions Female - itching vulva, discharge of blood between periods, hard lumps in breast, nipples sore and drawn in Very susceptible to drafts on back; pain in coccyx Restless sleep, head hot, excessive gaping Sciatic, pains in hips, legs and feet; cramping calves and soles; tremulous hands when using them Soreness under toes, offensive foot odor, ingrown toe nails Chilliness, very sensitive to cold air Any problem which worsens from lying on the left side, cold, damp conditions.

Gets better if head is wrapped. Without the proper amount of calcarea phos, no bone could be constructed. It is a worker in albumen and carries it to the bone and uses it as cement.

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Bright's disease is simply an overflow of albumen by the way of the kidneys due to a deficiency of Phosphate of Lime. The deficiency of this chemical in the gastric juices results in undigested foods from which acids form and this deprives the joints of the arms and legs of the cartilage necessary to oil; yet the term used to denote this deficiency is known to us as rheumatism. Headache during change of weather Headache in children during puberty Swollen tonsils, rapidly decaying teeth, teeth develop slowly Craving for ham, bacon and salted meats; great thirst with hunger Soreness and burning around navel Female, menses too early, excessive and bright; violent backache Involuntary sighing, pain in lower left lung Pain from sitting in a draft; dullness in head Stiffness with pain, cold, numb with weather change Difficulties which worsen during cold, damp weather and get better in warm, sunny weather AQUARIUS CELL SALT: Natrum Muriaticum Chloride of Sodium.

Although this is table salt, it is used in the body as the basis of the blood, which is salty without the other ingredients. It is the basic chemical value of the circulatory system and it could be called the Great Sea in the body.

Cell / Tissue Salts

It is "Living water" and carries true spiritual knowledge in the highest vibration when perfectly balanced. Illness from grief, anger, or fright Headaches of a throbbing, blinding nature relieved by sleep Eyes burn and pain when looking down, lids swollen Roaring and ringing in ears Fever blisters, eruptions around mouth; deep crack in center of lower lip Unquenchable thirst, hungry though overweight Distended abdomen Pain after urinating Male: Impotence with retarded emission Female: Menses irregular, usually profuse; vagina dry Cough with bursting pain in head Heart palpitates; feeling of coldness of heart Nervous jerking during sleep; sleepy before noon Fever blisters, warts on palms.

Eczema; raw, red, inflamed - worse from eating salt, and at seashore. Better when lying on right side, pressure against back. Better from cold baths, and open air.

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This chemical has an affinity for oxygen which is carried into the circulation and diffused throughout the organism by the chemical force of this phosphate of iron. Just as the feet are the foundation of the body, so iron is the foundation of the blood. Through this foundation of the blood is ignited cells of both red and white.