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You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Jiang Shi feat. Hao Hao! Vampire Ecstasy. The beginning. Electro Hako Banban Picasso. Over The Rainbow. Deep Freeze. Kaze no Nai Umi de Dakishimete. Over Shine. Akaku Atsui Kodou. Ai no Kotoba. Be Happy. Pink Spider. Code Geass R2 Sound Episode 5.

Code Geass R2 Sound Episode 6. Comic Party Revolution Soundtrack Plus 1. CooRie - Senritsu no Flare. Cop Craft Original Soundtrack. Cross Ange Original Soundtrack 1. Cross Ange Original Soundtrack 2. Cross Ange Original Soundtrack 3. OP Single - Stalemate! Original Soundtrack - Sakura Glass. Vocal Album - dolce 3. Gray-man Original Soundtrack 1. Gray-man Original Soundtrack 2. Gray-man Original Soundtrack 3. Dagashi Kashi 2 Original Soundtrack. Calorie Queen [Taketatsu Ayana]. Dagashi Kashi Original Soundtrack. Daitoshokan no Hitsujikai Original Soundtrack.

Dakara Boku wa, H ga Dekinai. ED Single - Platinum 17 [yozuca]. Danganronpa The Animation Original Soundtrack. Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou Original Soundtrack. Dantalian no Shoka Original Soundtrack. Darling in the Franxx Ending Collection Vol. DearS Original Soundtrack.

Death Note Movie Original Soundtrack. Powerpuff Girls Z Original Soundtrack. Demi-chan wa Kataritai Original Soundtrack 1. Dennou Coil Original Soundtrack. Dimension W Original Soundtrack. Do As Infinity - For the future. Dog Days Original Soundtrack Vol. Doki Doki Majo Shinpan! Precure Mana Kekkon!! Domestic na Kanojo Soundtrack Collection.

Dororon Enma-kun Meeramera Original Soundtrack. Doujin Work Original Soundtrack. Doukyonin wa Hiza, Tokidoki, Atama no Ue. Stone Original Soundtrack. Dragon Crisis! Eden of the East ED Single - futuristic imagination [school food punishment]. Eden of the East Movie Original Soundtrack. Eden of the East Original Soundtrack. El Cazador Original Soundtrack 1. El Cazador Original Soundtrack 2. Elfen Lied Original Soundtrack. ED Single - Wonder Caravan! Erementar Gerad Original Soundtrack 1. Eromanga-sensei ED Single - adrenaline!!! Eureka 7 Complete Best. Eureka 7 Original Soundtrack 1.

Eureka 7 Original Soundtrack 2. Eve no Jikan Movie Original Soundtrack. Fairy Tail Original Soundtrack Vol. Fantasista Doll [Various].

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Fantasista Doll Original Soundtrack. Fate Apocrypha Original Soundtrack I. OP Single - Wonder Stella [fhana]. Fate Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya 2wei!

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OP Single - moving soul [Kuribayashi Minami]. Fate Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya 3rei!! Kouda Yumeha]. Fate Zero Original Soundtrack I. Fate-stay night PS2 Original Soundtrack. Fight Ippatsu! MiNi AlBum. Final Approach Original Soundtrack. Flip Flappers Original Soundtrack. Flying Witch Original Soundtrack.

Fractale Original Soundtrack. Eternal Summer Original Soundtrack. Original Soundtrack - Ever Blue Sounds. Full Metal Alchemist Complete Best. Full Metal Alchemist ED1. Full Metal Alchemist Original Soundtrack 1. Full Metal Alchemist Original Soundtrack 2. Full Metal Alchemist Original Soundtrack 3. Full Metal Panic! TSR Original Soundtrack. Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Original Soundtrack 1. Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Original Soundtrack 2. Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Original Soundtrack 3.

Futakoi Original Soundtrack. Futsuu no Joshikousei ga [Locodol] Yattemita. Geijutsuka Art Design Class - music palette. Gackt x Gundam Collaboration CD - Gakkou Gurashi! Gakuen Utopia Manabi Straight! Character Mini Album Vol. Original Soundtrack I. Original Soundtrack II. Sherbet [Nakayama Erina et al].

Galaxy Angel 4th Original Soundtrack. Galaxy Angel Rune Original Soundtrack. Galaxy Angel Yaminabe CD. ED Single - Fight on! Original Soundtrack - Signs. Gankutsuou Classic Compilation. Gankutsuou Original Soundtrack. Garasu no Kantai Original Soundtrack. Gatchaman Crowds Insight Original Soundtrack.

Gatchaman Crowds Original Soundtrack. Gegege no Kitarou Original Soundtrack 2. Genji Monogatari Sennenki Original Soundtrack. Genshiken 2 Original Soundtrack. Genshiken Original Soundtrack. Ghost Hunt Original Soundtrack. Ghost In The Shell 2. Gigantic Formula Original Soundtrack Vol. Ginban Kaleidoscope Original Soundtrack. Ginga he Kickoff!! OP Single - Across my world [knotlamp]. Gingitsune OP Single - tiny lamp [fhana]. Gingitsune Original Soundtrack. Giniro no Kami no Agito Original Soundtrack. World Ondo [Various].

Gintama Original Soundtrack 1. Gintama Original Soundtrack 2. Owens was also finally convinced to perform, and he ended the affair with a standing ovation. Approximately people attended, and all proceeds were donated to the American Cancer Society. Tele- phone is: Young Films B. The seg- ments taped will be for tv segments scheduled to begin in January and continue for a half year. Young has recently returned to town after taping the Mike Douglas Show in Philadelphia. The announcement was made by William J. Jenks, general pro- fessional manager. Together Records. All inquires or product should be directed to the Jenks Publishing Co.

Box , Wilkes-Barre, Penna. Telephone is: Holaday was most recently the Nashville rep for Wayside Records. At the same time he started a new job, he started a new married life. Jim Williamson, ten year engineer- ing veteran of the recording industry, joined the staff of Woodland Sound Studios recently. Artists he has recorded include Hank Williams, Jr. Judy L. Davidson, executive vice president of the company. Patsy Sledd just completed a tour of military bases in Hawaii.

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However, he continued his show while police searched the area thoroughly. Ray Griff had just completed a very suc- cessful tour in Canada. Brite Star Promotions will produce the session sometime in De- cember. She expects to be back with the Bill Anderson Show within the week. Bill Sizemore, prexy Interstate Talent Agency, has an- noimced the signing to a management and booking contract of Hal Ed- wards, country artist.

Edwards hails from the Denver, Colorado area and has been active in recording and club appearances in Colorado, Nebraska and Kansas. Pete Drake, indie producer for Capitol Records, recently completed new ses- sions on Melba Montgomery at Music City Recorders studios, with manager Scott Moore handling engineering chores. Curly Putman, veteran songwriter and head of Green Grass Music has announced the signing of Dick Miles to an exclusive writers pact with the Nashville based publishing company.

Pete Drake, pres- ident of Tomake Music, has signed his new discovery, Linda Hargrove, to an exclusive writers contract. Star- song Music, Inc. Coming up on Nov. World Champion fiddle Player, Shoji Tobochi, who is a featured permanent artist with the David Houston Show, is reported by Bill Haynes of the Hubert Long Agency to have had a recording session for Epic Records last week cutting a duet with Houston for a single release A new song promoter and songwriter has joined the Moss Bose establishment ac- cording to Audie Ashworth.

Hall, started out on a date in the north country in his newly acquired bus only to get stopped at the state line. Bus needs a new engine, but Tom went on for a date in Nova Scotia, probably just to get away from it all. Meanwhile, back on the farm, while he was gone his female bassett the one who chases the chickens and all the farm help whelped a litter of seven girl pups. One of the mementoes Tom T. Richard Nix- on.. New singles are Jeannie C. On Oct. Release date is tentative for Jan. Bill Anderson Fan Club. Frances Cox, on stage during a show starring Anderson in Casi er, Wyoming.

Tom T. Emceed by Kathy Clayton, the show started off a new series on the wives of famous country artists. Narvel Felts has signed again with Hi Records of Memphis and has recorded a single and an album. He is handled by Bea- verwood Talent Agency. After less than three months with Sandy Knox, steel guitarist Mike Stanton has rejoined the Judy Lynn band and been named country music advisor-arranger for the group.

The gross sales for the fiscal year of Oct. On the other hand, profit after tax was Y,- Disks accounted for For next six months, the company expects to reach the sales of 72 bil- lion yen. As for the personnel changes of its board of directors, vice president Seigo Narita, Stan Gortikov and Lloyd Dunn are to resign as of Nov. Kosaku Iwasaki, auditor of the company, is to stay.

For the second fiscal year Aug. Beauchamp began his career as a booking agent, which led to his sub- sequent employment with Trans World Records and Musimart. The pact, negotiated by Elektra and Kinney Music International, continues a relationship between Transatlantic and Elektra of many years standing. The English organization, which celebrated its 10th anniversary this year, produces folk and rock on its own labels, and issue blues, folk and classical material from all over the world, including the Everest and Folkway labels; in addition.

Transatlantic distributes product from a number of independent British labels. The Nonesuch U. All essential elements will be duplicated. Transatlantic president Nat Jo- seph, recently in New York for the contract-signing, also conferred with Nonesuch directors Tracey Sterne and Joshua Rifkin on details of an initial release of 11 albums. Scheduled for Jan. Additional re- leases will be grouped periodically throughout the year. A heavy pro- motional campaign is planned, with concert appearances in England by various Nonesuch artists. Japanese Co.

The two companies went over plans for extensive, tightly coordinated promo and publicity cam- paigns for these releases and others on the Stereo Dimension label. A special meeting was held in Paris with Claude Pascal, a representative of C. He is scheduling a concert tour for Lighthouse which will start with their appearance at M. Similar meetings took place in Am- sterdam with booking agencies who are working in conjunction with Phil- ips on the same tour.

Kaneko is now on a four-week visit to the UjS. Blue Mountain. Lion- el Conway, Island Music head, will be responsible for the new wing, which will release only those pop records that would not normally be on Island. Meetings were held with Polydor Inc. He has completed one film and is now doing another; he will represent Argentina at the upcoming Tokyo Song Festival; and will tour South America following the festival. He is recorded by indie producer Ricardo Kleinman. Ben- jamin has been with the organization since when he became joint MD of Pye.

Over one hundred leading manufacturers exhibited at the show, and although few had new technical innovations to offer the public, the fair provided clear evi- dence of the increasing investment and interest in the tape hardware market. Several of the major soft- ware manufacturers reported that sales of tape cartridges have in- creased dramatically in recent months and now have an equal share of the market with tape cassettes.

Penned by Moody Blue, Mike Binder, and produced by Tony Clarke this is the first time a British com- position recorded by a Tamla Motown group has achieved chart suc- cess. Island Records have launched two new labels this week both aimed at the solid pop market. The Searchers, one of the major pop groups to emerge during the mid-sixties, have signed a long term contract with RCA.

Philip McDonald joins Apple Studios as senior balance engineer. As a result of my living overseas for more than 12 years and constantly surveying the market trends via per- sonal visits, we have worked out a broad radio promotion of Daybreak product through such outstanding outlets as the world-wide American Forces and Radio TV Service, the Canadian Forces Network, the British Forces Network, the Voice of Ameri- ca plus Radio Free Europe. Teetor Jr. Muzak Inc. Muzak was primarily an entertainment pro- duct until the second world war when emphasis was changed to program- ming for increasing productivity and improving morale.

What they learned during those hard years on the street has proven gold over the years. In short, they were practicing effective mar- keting without knowing what others called it. But times they are a changing, my friend. The old rules are getting a little shopworn. The loans and bonuses are starting to hurt bad.

Your route truck should shine with your company name and product plainly painted on the side. Your listing in the classified section of the Phonebook should be big, brassy and spell out every- thing you offer. Your own physical participation on civic boards and other community groups is demanded today. Today you need more. Things like brochures and printed presentations. People like to deal with other people rather than with nameless companies. Also, list every type of machine you handle on your card. Control of local business would be gained through coercion, and intimidation and corruption would be inevi- table.

Anything more than the simple amusement ma- chine now operated in arcades, taverns and family fun centers would eventu- ally be disastrous. McCarthy said rumors in Al- bany had it that a bill to amend the State Constitution to permit gam- bling was in the works but it would require a popular referendum two years in a row before the amendment could be enacted. McCarthy stated. Bob Wagner is heading a committee in the legislature which will fight for repeal when they reconvene this January. The New York City Council is for repeal as are hundreds of other civic and business groups.

She advised that a special associa- tion meeting might be called in Janu- ary to review the progress of the re- peal drive, and plot action to speed it along. Rene Pierre, France. Marketing, by the way, is the basis for one of the subjects the Notre Dame University people will be delving into at the Feb. A sound, educated approach to marketing techniques is the direction of the future in this and every other industry.

Ops Pres.

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Beckley, W. Kiser succeeds Bill Anderson in the presidency. Honored guests at the three-day bash were newly-elected MOA pres- ident John Trucano making his first in a series of visits to local associa- tion meetings and MOA executive vice president Fred Granger an old hand at the association circuit.

The following photos were snapped at the W. You never know where that card will Twelve plaques were presented to past presidents of the West Virginia Music and Vending Association during their recent convention in Charleston. Front row, left to right. Standing on stairs, left to right, are: Jerry Derrick, J. The twelve plaques represented seventeen years since John Wallace served five terms and Bill Anderson served two terms as president. Plaques were designed in the shape of the state of West Virginia. Ex- act dates for the meeting were not set as of press time.

MOA has established a policy of holding its board meetings in differ- ent parts of the country, which has been the case the past five years San Francisco, New Orleans, Washington, etc. This is to afford board members an opportunity to meet the grass roots operators in their terrain. MOA executive vice president Fred Granger said invitations to the meet will shortly be going out to operators residing in five states bor- dering on Arizona to attend a recep- tion on opening day of the tradition- ally three-day meeting. Operators in attendance hailed from the wide Texas territory; plus many came in for the show from Ok- lahoma and Arkansas.

Approximately 50 guests were on hand including Mr. The spacious building con- tains a display room, offices snack bar and kitchen, parts room, shop area, storage and a covered loading dock. Entertainment for the evening was provided by Paul Duhon, the art- ist known for his one man band skills and the noted magacian, Glen Ghirardi. The building is designed to fulfill the needs of the coin industry, while at the same time, the building is in- tended to be an asset to the communi- ty, related Gerald Godeau. The dis- play area is open to the public and a wide selection of coin operated equip- ment is on view.

Home pool table models are also displayed. He now handles a large vari- ety of machines and he attributes his success and growth in the industry to the continued efforts put forth in maintaining good location ties. Ser- vice men are encouuraged to offer suggestions and methods of improv- ing checkout techniques of on- location equipment. A checklist is al- ways used in shopping equipment. Considering the route man the key to good will, weekly sessions are set aside to work out any employee prob- lems, so that they are solved before they become insurmountable.

During 23 years of business Godeau has not lost an employee because of dissatis- faction. I am a strong believer in good community relations. A view of the newly opened display area. Operators Bob Nims center and Donald Barbin right join Gerald Godeau in trying out some of the new equipment that will be on public display. Gil Sonin was re-elected vice president; Maz Weiss is the new secretary and Bob Math- ews is new treasurer. Sam Morrison is Sgt. Directors for the new term of office were all re-elected from the previous board. The root of the COAD problem, ac- cording to Denver, is that some oper- ators are knowingly transfering cer- tain stamps from one jukebox to an- other.

COAD regulations call for an individual, non-transferable stamp for each particular music machine. Den- ver said the License Dept, knows some operators are switching stamps, since only 6, said stamps have been secured for city operation, while an estimated 10, jukes are current- ly in operation in city loca- tions. Denver warned that unless opera- tors abide by the regulations, addi- tional and far more stringent rules will surely be tacked onto the COAD by the License Dept.

One possible ad- dition would require every operator to notify the License Dept, within two days of the placing, transfer of own- ership or removal of every jukebox on the route. The new contract is currently being approved in Albany and will probably be available to members in 30, or at the latest, 60 days. Murray says the USC-2 Firestar, the new selection Seeburg dream phono is piling up plenty of points as a play-action machine on locations.

Looks like a winner all the way, as far as this season is concerned, says Murray, with music and games setting the pace. Irv Kempner, general sales manager at Runyon Sales Co.

Which is the MOST afflicted house in your Horoscope. (if any).

Irv says he is kept hopping in carry- ing the 'versatility' word of the MM-6 to the operator. Irv says the features and options of the MM-6 enable it to fullfill a number of operator needs and there is a style suitable for almost any type location. Lou Wolberg is also bom- barded with plenty of calls taking and setting orders for the Rowe equip- ment line. Sternberg president of the music and game division of ARA services will be reaching the culmination stage. The dinner dance taking place at the New York Hilton West Ball Room , Saturday evening, November 13, is one of the big highlights of the season for the local coin trade.

All the personnel are to be congratulated for the successful effort in achieving record breaking donation pledges and a great turnout in celebrating the event. KAY A. You will train and supervise maintenance and service personnel. Excellent starting salary plus all expenses, in addition to full company benefits, including hospitalization and profit sharing. You will be trained at our Chicago plant and in Nevada. Coin machine experience necessary- preferably with bingos.

Scheer, Dir. Belmont Ave. The session was held at the Park Sheraton Skyline Room on the 26th floor and the attendance was fairly good. MONY president Al Denver called the meeting to order around and in his opening statements commented about the absence of the younger bloods at the meetings.

The proceedings got underway with the election of new officers. Al Denver was re-elected president, Gil Sonin re-elected vice-president; Max Weiss is the newly elected secretary and Bob Mathews was elected treasurer. Sam Morrison is the Sgt. At Arms. The current board of di- rectors were re-elected for the new term. Ben Chicofsky gave a brief report on the success of the recently held MOA and expressed his thanks for the big turnout from the New York area.

Also, Ben commented on the growth of MONY and stated that several new members had been granted approval for membership. Denver informed the members that performance fee copyright legislation is still status quo and nothing more is expected until The copyright legislation has been kicking around since in various stages, and Denver commended the MOA, juke manufacturers and distributors for their successful efforts to date. On the local front, Denver, Chicofsky and legal counsel Ted Blatt have been huddling with city officials regarding several regulations, those proposed and those on the books.

Anyone having doubts about the place- ment of games should and is urged to check with the MONY offices. Two Twenty- Year membership awards, were handed out. I received the other. Al Fischelli accepted the award for Giannuzzi. Various public relations programs were considered and Denver announced a committee would be selected to look into the matter.

Incidentally, a highlight of the Albany meeting was a demonstration of the Vend Guard Alarm System by factory people who came up from Philadelphia for the affair. Entertainment was provided via comic Sam Lombardi who was really first shelf. This lad integrated some pretty novel jukebox jokes into his standard monologue and the act was the hit of the evening. See photo spread next issue.

Art does a lot of traveling for the firm on behalf of the consumer appliance products they make, but is enjoying it immensely. Lakewood, N.


Dix route, recently put his 9 year old grandson Randy Scott Kimmelman into coinbiz by setting the lad up with a bulk machine route in the towns surrounding Dix. Hit 'em hard, Randy! Just received copy of Dick Steinberg's Christmas singles list and had no idea so many holiday records were on the market. Guess it's getting close to that time when the lads will be dusting off White Christmas and Rudolph for another go-round. Bbth in attendance with Musical Distributors prexy Harold Kaufman. Dave says that the Wurlitzer Super Star is keeping him plenty busy these days gathering up orders for the juke that has lots of location appeal and a sound to please everybody, says Dave.


Abe says that things are swinging along pretty good. Abe had one sad note that we will pass along. We understand that Bob Weisbart's wife passed away recently. Otto says the record has plenty of potential. The elimination of periodic preventive maintenance, year after year, results in impressive savings and profit increases. How well does it work? Figure it out for yourself. It may be the nicest thing you do for yourself all day. Makes Friends and Money!

Broad Street, Phila. Being very pro- motion minded and earnest in his desire to serve the operator in any way he can Dick recently designed his own title strips for distribution through the vari- ous one-stops serviced by the firm. The release lists, which are printed on a regular basis, are also available upon request either through Dick or the area one-stop. Peak production schedules are being maintained at the Northlake factory and shipments are going out post haste to meet the demand!

All were very successful events Jack tells us Enough said! Abe Susman and Tom Chatten were quite the hosts, we understand! He and Sam Cooper are a pair of very busy individuals these days, keeping up not only with activity on the aforementioned but also on the very big selling Rowe phonograph models! Latter tune is the very familiar coke commercial which features a group of young people singing on a hill. Gene Clennon and some friends from Austin, in town last weekend to see the Viking-Colt game.

Dean Schroeder, Aberdeen, in the cities over the weekend and telling about the good luck he has had duck and goose shooting. Art Hagness in the cities visiting her children. Jim Stolp in town on a buying trip. Con Kaluza Jr. Quite a lot of operators and wives in town last weekend for the Viking-Colt game. Clayt Norberg in town for the day as was Al Eggermont Sr. Congratulations to John Trucano, Deadwood, So.

Dakota new president of M. Bill Hunder and their daughter have returned from a wonderful trip to Dublin, Ireland and London. Vern Ness, St. Cloud, in the cities picking up parts and records. David Lieberman left last Sunday for a two week trip to Israel. Terry Boerger has moved into his new lovely home. Gene Hoerth, Aberdeen, on a fast hurry up trip to the cities for some equipment. Bob Berquist in town for the day. Ber- quist getting in some shopping. Lyle Pittsenberger stopping off in Minneapolis enroute to Kansas City to visit her daughter and family W a few days.

Al Eggermont Jr. Numbers in address count as one word. If cash or check is NOT enclosed with order your classified ad will be held for following issue pending receipt of your check or cash. You are allowed to change your Classified Ad each week if you so desire. Please count words carefully. Phono Vue attachments and film, Sco- pitone film. Also interested in distribution of allied equipment. Phone Write or call Bob Jones for best prices. Box , Needham Hts. Contact us immediately! Cold Spring Lane, Baltimore, Maryland All arcade equipment.

Flippers to three years old. We are interested in distribution of allied equipment.

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Canada Phone Give price and condition. Write for latest inventory list. Box , Reno, Nevada Las Vegas Office. Write for prices. United Dist. Auto Photo machines. Write for equipment list and prices. Also distributing the finest new coin-op soccer table on the market; imme- diate delivery now. Tel: Williams, Gottlieb, Bally, Chicago Coin, flippers, guns, baseballs.

United, Chicago Coin, Midway shuffles. Valley, Fischer, United, American, used pool tables. As is or shopped. Domestic or export shipments. Call or write Operators Sales, Inc. As- sorted Mills. Electric Payout Jennings. Space Jet Bell, Segas. Assorted Bally Bingos. All equipment crated securely in new bingo-type cartons, from Seattle port.