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Degree Meanings and Sabian Symbols in Astrology

E-Mail: Dave. Illustrated with over horoscopes of famous people. An essential book for every student of astrology. Aurora Press, paper. Astrology is not about predicting events, but to bring order out of chaos. As a bonus, those looking for his Astrological Mandala will find an abbreviated version of his take on the Sabian Symbols in chapter Negative or reversed symbols 5. Comment : A new look at the Sabians by the retired head of the Sabian Assembly.

Illustrated with Marc Edmund Jones's original hand-pencilled Sabian notes, from that long ago day in in San Diego. For the first time you can see the words as Jones actually wrote them, the strike-outs, the pencilled additions, etc. Those of you who study handwriting analysis, and know the subsequent history of the words themselves, will find this to be uniquely fascinating.

This is the most comprehensive book on the Sabian Symbols to date. Includes: In depth, user-friendly text, daily guide for each symbol, reproductions of original index cards of Dr. The clearest exposition, the easiest of the three books to use. This book was originally self-published, with the printing done by a print-on-demand shop in Vancouver, BC. This particular company required Ms Roche to supply a stock of covers. In late , when those covers were exhausted, she asked if I would reprint.

Software for Sabian Symbols as per Marc Edmund Jones

I was happy to do so. So, quite to my surprise, I found myself going over the Sabians in some detail. I learned something interesting. You can treat Sabians the same way you treat tarot cards. What do the Sabians mean? Well, they mean what Jones and Rudhyar and Roche say they mean, but you must also bring yourself, your ideas, your thoughts, your experience to the symbols.

The Sabian Symbols Story

The Sabians, like Tarot, are dual. Them and you. You and them. Here are two examples: My natal Venus is at 17 degrees 14 minutes of Capricorn. By the rules, that's Capricorn Which is The Union Jack. But I don't like that nearly as much as the symbol for 17, which is, A girl surreptitiously bathing in the nude. I like this because it, after all, represents my Venus, which likes the idea of naked girls, and, in Capricorn, is just a bit hung up anyway.

No, Mr. Rudhyar, that's not what it says. A casual bath is not the same as stripping onstage at the Follies Burlesque. Not even close. The Great Dane goes on to moralize. Jones gives us the straight text, and then goes on to give the traditional occult interpretation, that now we're getting down to business, the human body as the temple of the spirit , self-sacrifice, psychological renunciation, etc. Roche picks up on Jones, and adds, modesty, shyness and inhibition. Try to overcome that, she says.

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If you would like to purchase his book with complete information, please click here. Unnoticed, angels come to his help. After you subscribe, you will be redirected to the shop where you can order your FREE report. It's personalized and it will arrive in your inbox within 5 working days. Paula Lustemberg. How to use them If the position of the planet is at an even degree i. If the position of the planet is at least one minute over an even degree i. The most important points of the Zodiac to start your interpretation are the Sun and the North Node: how to embrace your individuality Sun and your development path North Node.

The whole task had to be completed without any breaking in of any other living entity or the intrusion of any sort of life situation, but here we could sit in a parked car attracting no attention, and yet we were meeting the requirement of natural law itself that this highest of spiritual tasks be framed in a milieu of the most complete possible intensity or turmoil of normal human living or business and personal affairs in the broadest possible intermeshing or superficial conflict.

Elsie had to be carried and no others could be present, so Marc picked up Elsie and, alone in his car, they drove to Balboa Park. Some time prior to that day, Marc had carefully prepared white, unlined, 3" x 5" index cards for the session by writing one of the astrological degrees on each of the cards. Because he realized there could be interruptions he decided to break up the session into quarters.

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  • A quarter of the cards were taken at random for each session and the cards were shuffled continuously during the process. Each card was placed face down before Elsie and "she reported on the picture she saw by inward vision. Marc hurriedly wrote down the brief description on each card as she described the image. The first session took approximately two hours. They took a brief break and another ninety symbols were recorded.

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    As Marc later described it, the cards reflect, "the simple few words in which Elsie Wheeler described the picture that she saw in the fleeting seconds that she had to describe it and I had to write the notes down. After the entire session had been completed, Marc felt that one of the symbols seemed wrong and he made a correction by having Elsie do that particular one over again.

    In doing so, it occurred to him that he could have cooperation from the other end, and so he asked Elsie, "Is so-and-so there? He then asked, "What is he doing? At another time, Marc mentioned that, during the session with Elsie, "something destructive got in And with no sense that it would be possible to reestablish the connection that I had originally, I decided to leave them but describe them as inverted or destructive or negative and interpret them in the same way.

    The pictures or images that Elsie Wheeler saw evidently came from many sources. According to Marc, "Some were directly out of her own experience, or as she reached out to take them from other minds directly available to her. Some were beyond her range of comprehension and were impressed upon her consciousness, and so were received in distorted fashion or with an overlay of detail which had to be screened out. He wrote in his book, "As events have shown, her total contribution was an exceptional achievement and this one of the author's volumes is dedicated to her memory, in the hope that it may in time become a monument to the beauty of her character and the immortal quality of her ideals.

    After the session, Marc put the cards away in a trunk, thinking that this type of work was too far afield from the kind of scientific work in which he was interested.