Horoscope october 23 scorpio

Power and tradition are themes on your mind. Money is on your mind, too, as messenger planet Mercury enters Scorpio and lights up the financial sector of your chart.

Your ruling planet Pluto ends its retrograde today, finding you in an intense mood. Powerful conversations take place and important ideas are born.

October 23 Scorpio Mini Series

Your perspective has undergone a big shift, and communication planet Mercury enters your sign today, finding you eager to express yourself. Power and control issues—especially concerning your finances—come up for you to contend with as Pluto ends its retrograde. Your intuition gets a powerful boost as messenger planet Mercury enters psychic water sign Scorpio. It's time to talk about the feelings you may have been repressing.

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It's an intense day for you as Pluto ends its retrograde—you're stepping into your power, but so much change is taking place that it's not easy! Mercury enters Scorpio, encouraging you to connect with friends and network; even more amazing change can take place if you and your community get together. Watch out for the messages that arrive in your dreams and the psychic hits you get today: Pluto ends its retrograde and your intuition is especially tuned in. Mercury enters Scorpio, bringing you lots of discussions about career and reputation.

Scorpio Monthly Horoscope

A powerful change in your social life takes place as Pluto ends its retrograde. You're funneling amazing energy into the causes you're passionate about, and intriguing news from faraway places arrives as Mercury enters fellow water sign Scorpio. Mercury in Scorpio also bodes well for you if you're in school, traveling, or trying to get something published! A powerful shift is taking place in your career, Aries, as Pluto ends its retrograde!

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Messenger planet Mercury enters intuitive Scorpio, boosting your psychic abilities and encouraging you to have some hard conversations. An exciting new adventure awaits, but first you find yourself confronting the fact that the world is so very different than thought it was, thanks to Pluto ending its retrograde. A boost in communication in your partnerships arrives as Mercury enters Scorpio.

Everyone thinks of you as a bubbly, social butterfly, but even you have to make time to mourn, Gemini. Pluto ends its retrograde today, asking you to take quiet time for yourself to reflect on the past, and to feel your feelings. It can be said that Scorpio people love in a selfish and bossy way. Career for Scorpio. Due to the intense sense of responsibility, concentration at work and special telepathic gift, Scorpios suit to be engaged in fortune-telling related jobs.

Love Match.

Venus enters Scorpio

What are obstacles in love for Scorpio Work! If the Scorpio want their relationship to be sweeter, they have to spare some time from working. Good judgment, foresight and suitable to be an intelligence agent; Mysterious, love metaphysics and fortune-telling and like the black color; Dare to love and hate, devoted, sexy and prone to sex impulse; Possessive and want to completely control the lover; Silent and afraid of noise; Frightening when angry, bear grudges and completely turn hostile; Janus-faced, often throw cold water on others and eaten up with pride; Don't believe in human nature, don't like to make friends and lend money to others; Insidious, cold-faced and need to relieve stress; Love to peep and find out secrets; Good at keeping secrets, unlikely to be cheated and suspicious;.

Most of Scorpios march on a field only after they completely decide to work in it.

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They can do well in every field. The competitive force will appear if Scorpios participate in it. They refuse to lose. Even a freshman who works in this field for a short time can be a dark house before long. Phaeton, the son of Helios, was handsome and conceited and he inadvertently offended many people because of his arrogant, rude and ambitious personality.

One day, someone told him: "You are not the son of Helios! So his mother said: "The one who made fun of you is the son of Zeus with high status; you can ask Helios if you don't believe me!